Book review of MONKEY MIND


-I discovered this book while browsing online. Daniel Smith is amazingly on point, with the way he colorfully describes his panic attacks, symptoms of his disorder and how just about every aspect of his life, from childhood to adulthood-is affected by his anxiety. i related wholeheartedly to this is also wonderfully written and quite inspiring. 

-i personally found it was a helpful tool in dealing with my anxiety. but in a different way then other tools per say. it was healing in the sense that, it made me feel less alone in my quest to share my own story, in order to help others. but if you are chronically anxious, as i am, it can be a difficult read. only because the author is so open and honest. i identified with his descriptions, to the point where i felt my OWN anxiety.

-which proves he is a great author, and it is worth the possible slight anxious feeling that may come with some of his chapters. read it!



3 thoughts on “Book review of MONKEY MIND

  1. thank you for re blogging!! i hope you read and enjoy the book as much as i did!!!
    best of luck xo


  2. He was my memoir professor last year and it was awesome – I suggest everyone should read his book! I also found it very comforting to have a teacher who understood what I was going through.


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