A Way To Vent Page

Write For Us

I started a page a while ago for a way for us to all vent about our troubles,conditions,diseases  etc.. Needless to say the page didn’t go to far unfortunately. I would like to give it another chance so I am submitting my poem and I hope there will be more to follow. It can be anything for a poem, quote,ramblings pictures etc..

you can send them to me at youthofanationblog@gmail.com and I will put them up or feel free to just comment. Thank you for your support!

Closing in all around me
a fear I cant describe.
All shaky and confused
I think I’m going to die.

Thoughts so unsettling
are blocking everyone’s attempts.
When all they try is to help me
I cant make sense of this.

My heart hurts
my head hurts.
And crying about it
only makes it worse.

Nobody can ever
truly understand.
And unless you’ve went through it
you wouldn’t stand a chance.

It’s just anxiety
another day of black.
You must think that I’m crazy
it’s just another panic attack.


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