Why intelligent people tend to be unhappy

~Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.- Ernest Hemingway, author and journalist, Nobel laureate (1899-1961)~

 I recently came across an interesting article on the tendancy of unhappiness in intelligence people. The author (a sociologist) claims that unhappiness develops in childhood, primarily because of Western cultures lack of esteem for intellectual values.

Children develop along four streams: intellectual, physical, emotional (psychological) and social. In classrooms, the smartest kids tend to be left out of more activities by other children than they are included in. They are “odd,” they are the geeks, they are social outsiders. In other words, they do not develop socially as well as they may develop intellectually or even physically where opportunities may exist for more progress.Their emotional development, characterized by their ability to cope with risky or stressful situations, especially over long periods of time, also lags behind that of the average person.

Interesting stuff, although I’m not sure I completely agree. Is it possible that Intelligent people tend to see and understand too much and are naturally more pessimistic than others that  live in ignorance, and you know what they say? Ignorance is bliss. What do you think on this topic?



One thought on “Why intelligent people tend to be unhappy

  1. Although I agree that intelligent people are more unhappy, I don’t think I agree with the article’s implication that it is because of the negative view of the intelligent and “geeks.” I feel like, in today’s society, geeks have found their own niche and social group. The Geekdom social base is so large that “geeks” and “nerds” aren’t really outsiders anymore.

    I’d agree with you that it probably has more to do with intelligent people understanding more about the world, enough to see the constant negative situations humans seem to place themselves in.

    Thank you for sharing!


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