Lets Talk about happiness

“Do not under estimate the Power Of Thoughts.
Just as water has the power to shift and mold earths landscape,
your thoughts have the power to shift and mold the landscape
of your life” -Chuck Danes


Okay, so how do you think during a day?  But let’s even take it a step further – how do you think about yourself, your friends, your life.  All of these thoughts you may think are staying on the inside of your mind but in actuality they are being projected outward to create your reality.  Our minds are an incredibly powerful tool!  Our thoughts play a significant role in how we view the world – our world!  Our positive and negative thoughts can be at the very foundation of the life that we create.  You have probably heard of the old adage – change your mind change your thoughts.  The theory of thought creation has been around for years but is always worthy of openly discussing and creating dialogue about because it is an integral part of who we are, what we think, how we feel and as a result what we create in our lives.
The one nice think about our thoughts is that we can change them at any time.  Take a day in your life and keep a journal of thoughts that are coming through for you.  Notice at the end of the day what your mind and thoughts are really telling you about you.  Our minds control our thought processes and can be the catalyst in making permanent change in our lives.  Your thoughts can create for you a positive, happy life, or a life of doom and gloom.  What choices have you made about your thoughts.  Monitor how many thoughts that come through your mind are negative and how many are positive.  What are you telling yourself about you?
For many years there was a train of thought and/or theory about positive thinking and practicing positive thinking.  Positive thinking is great but if your inner mind and inner thoughts are negative then you are contradicting your positive affirmation.  People make out positive thinking to sometimes be this mystical experience that only a select few know or a skill that has been handed down through parent to child.  Anyone can learn to control their thoughts and understand that our thoughts create our reality.  This is more then positive affirmations or disciplined positive thinking in that you must get down to the heart of the matter as to what thoughts you are thinking in a day and connecting them with your life circumstances or situations.
Positive thinking is actually very simple, here are a few ways you can get started…and have a positive impact on all areas of your life:
To begin this process keep a journal for a day and write down your thoughts.  Notice how many are negative and how many are positive.  Is there a theme in that your thoughts towards work are pretty positive but your thoughts towards your personal life are negative.  Are your thoughts towards yourself positive or negative.  I would like you to become familiar with your own thoughts first and take note of how your thought life is lived in a day.  If you find out you are a habitual negative thinker or pessimist wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap yourself when a negative thought comes through as a way to bring attention to your thought process.
To begin the journey of introspection on your thought life incorporate other positive things into your life.  If you are thinking a negative thought, stop yourself and change it to a positive thought.  Surround yourself with positive people and listen to the words they use when talking with you.  Try not to allow negativity into your life as much as possible.  Be good to yourself and spend your time on activities that bring you happiness.  Be around people that make you laugh.  Try to incorporate as many positive things into your life on a weekly basis as you possibly can and you will begin to notice a shift in your own thinking.  Do things that make you feel good about yourself – doing something kind for someone, volunteering to a worthy cause.  All these things increase your own optimism towards yourself and your view of your life.
Just because the above mentioned things are simple in nature don’t fool yourself into thinking they won’t work.  The reason for this exercise of examining your own thoughts then surrounding yourself with positive experiences is to ultimately reveal to you that positive thinking, positive thoughts and creating a positive lifestyle brings fulfillment and happiness.  These things may seem to small to you at first but they will bring you to a place where you are feeling lighter, more in control of your life, open your heart to love and being loved and fill you with a sense of well being….this is happiness.
If you convey a positive attitude towards others you will by surrounded by people who want to be around you and are positive themselves. These relationships will only continue to grow and bring more positive energy into your life. If you are conveying a negative pessimistic attitude towards others you may find yourself being alone alot or not having too many friends and these friends may be negativite and pessimistic themselves.  You have heard that like attracts like, well it first begins with our thoughts and what we project out to the world, then attract back to ourselves.  If you have positive thoughts about people and/or humanity in general you should find yourself in a position of being like a magnet for people who want to be around you and spend time with you.  You become contagious, likable, fun to be around and people will have meaningful relationships with you.
Now, no one is ever positive all of the time.  We are merely human beings and some days are better then other days so I am not expecting you to be wired for constant positive thinking.  We all have those day’s when “we wake up on the wrong side of the bed”.  That is okay.  Be in it, ponder why you are in a bad mood or what is making you in a bad mood.  Life’s little potholes will always creep in so deal with it, discern the why’s, take action on overcoming what is bothering you, then get on with it.  It is just a bad day in the few thousand days you have remaining, so try to keep your “bad day” in proper perspective and don’t stay in the doom and gloom for too long.
Begin each day in a positive manner. Monitor your thoughts as soon as you wake up.  Are they positive or negative?  If they are leaning positive because you have to do your taxes, pay the bills get up then as quickly as possible think about positive things.  Open the drapes, let the sun shine in, go outside for some fresh air and discipline yourself to think some positive thoughts about the bigger picture of your life.  Whatever it takes to get you positive thinking again is just fine.  Our morning thoughts can set the tone for the day so guard this morning time as a way to settle into your day either postively or negatively.  It’s okay to have a negative thought but you also want a balance of positive thoughts because it will increase your likelihood of attracting more positive things to you.  If you are waking up in the morning dreading your day and you are having too many of those kinds of “wake up” days then it is time to add some sparkle to your life, mix things up a bit and get down to why you are waking up in a state of drudgery for the day.
Where our thoughts go, we will follow – let’s talk about your thoughts towards yourself.  If many of your thoughts are negative towards yourself this too can be how others may see you or perceive you.  If you are radiating negative thoughts about yourself you will attract negative results by missed relationship opportunities, failed relationships, divorce, lack of business opportunities.  If this is a sensitive area for you make a separate list from the above list of tracking your thoughts.  In fact, you may want to write the thoughts about yourself in a journal and make notes on why you are thinking this way about yourself.  Without appearing trite – beauty begins within and radiates outward so what is your mind and thoughts telling you about yourself?  We all have doubts and insecurities but if a good majority of your day is thinking negative thoughts towards yourself or about yourself be kind to yourself, be patient and work through the why’s of these thoughts.  Where did they come from?  How long have you been thinking this way about yourself?  What can you do to get off the negative train now?  You have within your own power the ability and the skill for how you perceive yourself.  You cannot always believe what your mind is telling you…so research, research, research what you are telling yourself about you!
Several times a day, stop and observe yourself. Catch your self thinking. Be very detached as if you are looking at another person Watch the thoughts that are going on in your mind. Watch your conscious mind in operation.
The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between constructive and destructive thoughts. It works with the material you feed it, or it feeds it self. It does not matter to the conscious mind what thoughts it thinks, but it absolutely matters to you.
Four excellent techniques for removing a negative thought:
Cut it off and quickly replace with a different thought. The instant you recognize the negative thought, cut it off. Insert a different thought.  Keep up the good work on this action.  It can be a fun exercise that you do while learning what your mind is telling you to think about yourself, your life, about others and the world.  Our mantra here is to “cut it off” turn it around by replacing with another more edifying thought.
Become the observer of the negative thought. Label it. Right now I am experiencing a negative thought and it is only a negative thought. This thought can be changed now.  I am changing this thought now. Negative thoughts only have power over you if you react to them. If you fail to react, it has no power.
Exaggerate it into the ridiculous. e.g., I was thinking about eating a greasy, plump juicy hamburger. I imagined my hips having these hamburgers stuck to them and not being able to sit down because my rump was covered with cheeseburgers.  Have fun with this.  Be light hearted but make the negative into something silly.
Negative thoughts don’t come along with warning bells. They come in as if they were the gospel truth!  Our negative thoughts can come through like lightening.  If a bothersome negative thoughts comes through – say, “that is not true – I reject that thought now!”
Counteract a negative thought with the exact opposite. The mind can only have one thought at a time. Box the negative thought like a boxer fights by giving it the 1-2 punch.  Don’t let it rule you. We are in control of our own consciousness. No matter how deep the root of the negative, you will eventually get it out.
 Lets all try some of  these techniques and see what happens. Let us know by commenting or just contact us through email. We want to hear from you!
~Stay Strong~

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