Music can help!


How music helps Depression

Listining to music can reduce chronic pain by about 21% and can help depression by up to 25%.

Depression affects a surprisingly large portion of the American population. There are a number of effective therapies used to treat depression, each with its own level of effectiveness. Depending on what therapies work for your kind of depression, you can choose from a variety of chemical therapies or psychotherapies. There are also natural therapies available which center on herbs and other non-chemical medicines. One type of therapy that is becoming increasingly popular is music therapy. Depression is easily treated with the use of music that is considered soothing to the patient because it relaxes them mentally as well as physically and allows them to benefit more from psychotherapy.

Why It Works

There is a very strong connection between music and emotion. Most people have the ability to recall memories that are associated with a particular song and the feelings that surround that memory. People who have difficulty relaxing and discussing issues during psychotherapy feel more at ease when listening to music they find relaxing. Depression consists of a variety of emotions which include: sadness, anger, anxiety and frustration. Slow, relaxing music therapy depression treatments can relieve these feelings when used daily for a specific period of time.

How It Works

Your doctor will prescribe at least 20 minutes per day of listening to instrumental or light vocal music while focusing on the feelings involved in depression. Music causes the mind and body to respond to its familiarity and feelings associated. Some of the music will be what is considered relaxing and comforting to the patient; other music may include different types of music as recommended by the doctor to elicit different responses and find out what feelings are provoked by the music. You may listen to the music therapy depression treatment during psychotherapy sessions to help you relax open up to the doctor and begin to make headway in relieving depression. The program is different for every depression sufferer and, like chemical medication, may have to be altered depending on the results seen in therapy.

* On a personal note I feel as If there are many types of music that can help: rock,rap,country,classical etc.. It is by no means a cure but it definitely is another stepping stone that we can use to achieve happiness. Let us know what you listen to that brightens your day! 



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