An addition to our “Way To Vent” page

I thought writing a little about myself might break the ice so to speak and then maybe others will join me in making this page something that will help others. please feel free to write,send pictures,poems,quotes…whatever you feel comfortable with. 

How to move on from the past


I took some of the most powerful life-changing steps that I have ever taken….

It all began with that one small step…

It’s funny now when I look back at my life because although I believed that I was coping with everything quite well,   I still knew deep inside that in order to escape the past and begin my life anew, it would take more bravery and self-belief than I thought I had…I was totally convinced that I did not have the strength or determination needed to leave my old life behind …There was absolutely no way I had the courage to just up-sticks and begin my life again, especially being on my own……

But I wasn’t alone, I had  my two wonderful children and a very supportive mother and father , whose belief in me is now stronger than ever, all that was needed was for me to believe in myself…..

I desperately searched for strength within….Where I lived held so many painful memories ….….I felt alone at times but in order to take control of my life and find peace within I had to have the courage of my convictions…

Thinking back now, leaving my old life behind  became like a fantasy…. leaving there was something I believed that would “Never” happen…. In a strange and twisted way what I feared most about leaving was the security I had gained from knowing my place in the past… the familiarity….but it wasn’t security at all…It was finding the determination to rid myself of the chains that held me tight to the past…

Once I faced up to the reality of what lie ahead for me if I stayed everything appeared to fall into place…I wanted a new life, I wanted to be free to begin my life again…. I wanted to be happy…. and so it happened!

From making the decision to leave it took just a matter of weeks before I started my new life… I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most amazing, life-changing steps I have taken and I have absolutely ‘no regrets’…

I still cannot believe that I did it….I just needed to stop making excuses to myself and take that first step….

My children were a massive support to me and I will always feel blessed to be loved by each of them unconditionally,and the love I found with a wonderful man helped immensely however…. I had to take the steps myself…I had to believe in myself…

How To Move On From The Past?

Make the choice…Make it happen…Believe in Yourself…

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”



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