Why You Should Stop Blaming Others And Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions


This is a very difficult positive lifestyle step because there will be so many painful challenges you will have to face within yourself, and of course ….”Denials.”

If you are in denial about who you really are then you will find excuse after excuse to blame others for your actions….

The inspiring writer of the boy-child wizard, (Harry Potter), JK Rowling once quoted:

“There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.”

If you think carefully about the above words you may possibly make a connection….

Blaming others for our own actions is a result of making excuses for ourselves….When we are making excuses, nothing will be learned from what has transpired and so the lesson will inevitably have to be learned again….No matter how painful the experience….somewhere along your own unique journey in life, a similar scenario will play itself out again and you will find another excuse as to the reason why, rather than accepting that lessons are here for each of us to learn…

If you want to find out who you really are then stop making excuses for your behaviour and take responsibility for yourself….

It is all too easy to blame another when things go wrong in life….What is difficult and life-changing is to accept that all actions have an affect not only upon yourself but on others around you….

Many of us have been left scarred from our past, but the past has gone and none of us can do anything to change what happened back then….We can either use the past to create positive change within ourselves our remain in denial or use excuses to keep ourselves there….

We cannot grow as individuals when we remain in the past…Nor can we grow as people when we blame anyone but ourselves for our actions….


3 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Blaming Others And Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions

  1. Thanks for the “like”. I couldn’t agree iwth you more about personal responsiblity. I write about it often. Love the J.K. Rowling quote.


  2. Been thiinking about your post some more. May I reblog it on “theworminmyapple.” com?


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