Chronic Pain?? A Blessing?

Chronic Pain is a condition that can definitely cause Anxiety and depression. I found this post to be inspiring and informative at the same time. Thanks to NOONEGETSFLOWERSFORCHRONICPAIN for sharing 🙂


Chronic Pain?? A Blessing?

I cannot change the day that I fell off of my bike and ended up having brain surgery due to not wearing a helmet. I cannot change the fact that this accident has caused me both physical and emotional pain since. I was fourteen when the accident happened, I am now thirty two. I used to cry every day for years wondering why the hell I had to live with this invisible illness the rest of my life. I cursed everything and everyone I knew for not understanding what I felt and being able to enjoy a life I never thought I would have. I still have moments, days even that I would do absolutely anything to never have had to endure chronic pain.
However, many blessings (never thought I would say that) have come to me because of chronic pain. I never exercised, ate healthy, or appreciated life the…

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