about anti-depressants/the good/the bad/and the ugly

I thought that this information was important for all of my followers to know. Thank you to depressionsgift.com for posting this 🙂

depression's gift

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I was going to write a long post about anti-depressants. As I was checking out some health sites, I came across this link, http://www.helpguide.org/mental/medications_depression.htm. This is very good information. I highly recommend it.

But before you check it out I want to add a few things. Having taken anti-depressants on and off for a number of years, I learned a lot. Not from just my experience but from extensive research as well.

Anti-depressants can be very helpful, especially with severe depression. But pills are only a band-aid.Because they elevate our mood, we start feeling so good, we ignore the issues that brought on our depression. It’s not enough to just feel better. We need to learn techniques to help manage our depression should we struggle with future episodes. Whether we Something caused our depression. It could triggered by a medical condition or certain medications but ordinarily by themselves they are…

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