I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for sharing!

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I speak again of fear–
that black, frightful
corner of mortal mind
where fear is master and
reason cannot penetrate.

Why do I again draw
attention to that which
we try so hard to forget?
Ignoring, hiding our fear
does not make it go away,
my friends. It sits hunkered
down in a recess of our mind
waiting, waiting to rise again
to claim its mastery of us.

What rids us of this hungry
beast and allows our brave,
purposeful steps through life
with dignity and honor?
Each of us must one day face
our fear and vanquish it, for
until we do, we can not reach
our full potential.

Go forth on your quest–reach
for the chalice of Truth.
Let honor and truth be your sword,
light be your banner. Amen.

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